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You have come to the perfect place. Lublin Language Academy, or LAJ for short, is a place where professionalism, commitment, perfectionism and experience combine to teach effectively and prepare you for exams and everyday language challenges.

20years of experience

Who is the Lublin Language Academy for?

If you are a foreigner and want to learn Polish:

Not sure which course is best for you?

Our courses

From 25 zł per hour

Courses for children and young people

We offer classes in Polish as a foreign language for foreigners and people returning from abroad. On-site and online classes. These range from state exam preparation courses to general language courses. We also offer foreign language classes: in English, French and German. Prices from 25 zł per lesson (45 minutes).

From 27 zł per hour

Polish in English

Monthly course POLISH IN ENGLISH (one month – 4 weeks, 2x weekly, 2h each, total 16 hours) Price: 480 zł / 8 persons or 560 zł / 6 persons. Payment in full: -10%, so 432 zł / 504 zł   For English-speaking students – FAST TRACK TO POLISH A one-month course to provide you with […]

Specialised courses and offerings for companies

Tailored to your needs – please contact Lublin Language Academy for details. General information: Languages offered: Polish as a foreign language, English, French Basic rate for group classes: 35 zł / 45 minutes in a group of 6 people, 30 zł / 45 minutes in a group of 8 people Language packages plus – when […]

From 27 zł per hour

Course for the FLASH exam

FLASH exam course – 1 week / 25 hours / 5hrs per day (225 minutes) or Friday – Saturday – Sunday and 2 weekends Price: 750 zł / 8 persons or 875 zł / 6 persons. Payment in full: -10%, so 675 zł / 787 zł 5 modules: RS, RT, PG, P, M (each part of the […]

From 27 zł per hour

SOWA course – half-yearly extended (to be taken in the spring session 2024 exam)

Course duration: 1 October – 29 February (21 weeks – 100 hours) Course price: 3500 zł (6 people per group) or 3000 zł (8 people per group) Upon payment of the total amount for the course, a 10% discount, so 3150 zł / 2700 zł respectively. Lessons 2 times a week, 110 minutes each (1 […]

From 200 zł

Theatre workshops from level B2+

Theatre workshops (individual) from level B2+ Residential classes – Lublin Price: 200 zł / 60 minutes Scope of the course: – working on correct pronunciation, model accent, intonation, tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, movement, management of stage fright Offered not only for actors, but also for people who perform in public and want to […]


TELC examination in Polish

The examinations are developed and administered by telc gGmbH, an organisation based in Bad Homburg, which has

Certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language

This is an exam we have been taking since 2017. The State Commission for the Certification of

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Meet our lecturers

Here they are – the best of the best. People with passion and commitment. Our dream team of experts.
Agnieszka RoczniakLecturer, examiner of Polish as a foreign language
Anna PezaLecturer, examiner of Polish as a foreign language
Robert Jagła – IzdebskiLecturer, examiner (Polish, English, French)
Wiktoria HudyLecturer, examiner, chairperson of certificate examinations


If you are interested in what our students think of us – here are their opinions.

Latest entries

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B1-B2 exam in December

  Enrolling now for 2 dates: December 9 and December 15. The exam costs 800 PLN. To register fill in the form: There is a